What is Spring Training?

It is the kind of training that transpires way before the beginning of the regular season. It could be put in simpler words to be understood by all which means the sort of training that precedes the regular flow of games of the season. This term is basically pertaining to the Major League Baseball, which is played every season. So, just before the seasonal start of the league there is a series of practices and exhibition of games which decides about the new players, other aspects like the audition for roster apart from yet another facet which is the position spot that helps in the final game decision making for the Major League Baseball.

As a matter of fact, the spring training has always been everyone’s hot favorite for the reason that it is played during that time of the year when most of the schools and colleges are shut owing to the spring break. This is yet another reason why so many millions get pooled in for watching their favorite teams playing the game of their choice during their spring break which makes their holidays even better than before. There are also those who shuttle all the way to the warmer places which generally host such spring training activities that interest them to an extent where in they all go in crowds to watch the same.
No wonder many, many a time call it the spring breaks instead of the Spring Training.

Two month affair

Talking about the spring training, it boils down to the fact that this sort of a pre-season training generally turns out to be a two month affair which means these games begin in the month of February and carry on until the beginning of the finals or the seasonal baseball league. Therefore there are many players who play the spring training games while the other start playing for the seasonal League by the end of the spring training affair. Teams often begin by wearing their battle practice uniform all through the spring training and wearing their normal jerseys on the first day of the final League. All these aspects play a vital role in their seasonal final League of Baseball for with the help and aid of the two months spring training, they generally do better in the finals.

Truly speaking, the whole fashion of the spring training began way back in the year 1920. So that means it has been on since the last nine decades if not more and that is why people who are heavily into the Baseball League just cant do without it at all. There were already many teams that had begun the aforementioned practice while the rest of them join hands in the year 1940. So by the end of the 50s, this had already become a religious affair for many who loved the bat and the ball game.

Florida and Arizona

It is true again that Florida and Arizona are the new hosts of the Major League baseball teams for Spring Training which wasn’t really the case until sometime back. For instance, the New York Yankees trained in the Cuban city in the year 1950 while during the World War II many teams trained in the city they had easy access to, which is why the official host of the spring training generally kept changing every now and then depending upon the requirement. It is also a fact that statistics recorded for the spring training games are never listed with the games of the regular season games which is also because of the reason that they are both separate affairs of the same game. Or, putting it in other words, the two sides of a coin!

It is always fun for millions to sit and watch their favorite teams play on the field.