Career Options For X-Ray Technicians

Qualifying as an X Ray technician can set you up for a great career as a medical assistant. The combination of working with patients, doctors and very sophisticated machines makes this career a real challenge. With great immediate employment prospects, now is a great time to start your career. With a great shortage of x ray operators and technicians you have a lot of career choices before you.

Qualifying a x-ray technician can take anything from 1 to 4 years of full time or part time study and depending on which qualification you get, you can work in a number of different fields. here are a few of the most popular career choices.

Firstly, a hospital is likely to be your first career option as they employ a great number of x ray technicians in various aspects of radiology. Although the pay is not as high as many other choices, its a very secure job and you can quickly gain a lot of valuable experience.

Secondly, joining a private practice can be a great career choice. Whether you work for a general practitioner or a radiologist, going into a private practice usually pays much better and the working conditions are a lot less stressful and “full-on” compared to a hospital.

The third popular career choice allows you to go into related fields where x ray technicians are needed. this includes veterinary practices, dentists and even research laboratories. It really depends on your interest and your level of experience but it can be a very rewarding career choice and specializing often opens up higher paying jobs.