How to Write After Midnight

Ha! You thought I’d open with a clever bon mot about torturing your kidneys with pots of coffee here, didn’t you? Silly! I’m going to do that later in the post. No, first we need to talk about the best time of day to write. Simple: Any time you can. Of course, if you’re a freelancer like me, some projects require you to grind through successive hours, some can be grazed over a period of days, a paragraph here and a transitional phrase there, and some can be surveyed and then dispatched: I saw the hill of that essay, I saddled up my sentence steed, and I surmounted it, verily!

In that regard, learning how to parcel out your time when you’re working on multiple projects is a valuable skill, and one that will endear you to your clients. It has taken me a while to be able to judge how long it will take me to edit a 200-page book, write a case study or come up with an ad’s headlines, but now I’m much more comfortable about projecting (and meeting) deadlines. Until it’s second nature, it’s a good habit to track how long it takes you to work with a certain type of writing. One good method with new clients is if you’re given something lengthy to write or to edit, work on the assignment for an hour or two to see what it tastes like, and you’ll be better equipped to know when you’ll finish eating. Don’t give them your milestone schedule until you’ve snacked on the copy a bit.

Morning Becomes Electric (Coffeemaker)
Related to how much time you can or must spend on a project is what times are most suitable for for the spending. I’m a morning guy, love to get up early, coffee in bed with a magazine to start the day, and then to the computer before 7. Unless there is something truly pressing, I’ll sift through email, check out the antics of fellow Tribesters on Seth Godin’s Triiibes site, glance at the news, vomit over the news, and then begin work on whatever’s workable.

Now when I say working, I mean working with clients if I have some, or working on essays or magazine/newspaper pieces if I don’t–or a combination when everything’s clicking. I normally have a number of queries out to various editors, and also some just at the note-taking stage. Some of the material that goes into a query is boilerplate (like your writing credentials/clips and your sign-off), so if you know well the core of your proposed article, the meat of the query can be massaged (oooohh!) a bit and then quickly stitched with the boilerplate. It might take as little as 30 minutes to write an article query, so if you find a gap in your day, why not? Of course, it might take 30 months for an editor to answer your query, but we won’t address those sins here.

Back to those morning pages: I write with more focus in the morning, and with renewed focus after the afternoon nap (really, the miracle of the 20-minute refresh), but not with any real afternoon sustain. Thus, when my monitor’s eye begins to look as bloodshot as my own, I start to crank down its shade in the waning afternoon hours. Then, I’ll often do the busywork of cleaning out the inbox, boxing with the outbox, and wondering if I need botox. I’ve never been one of those types that can merrily scribble away in the evening hours. I’m both fascinated and horrified by (and middlin’ jealous of) those industrious souls who can bang out another five or six hours of writing after the five o’clock cocktail-hour bell has rung. (Though perhaps my religious adherence to that magic hour is what makes liquid all my after-hours writing resolve?)

In the Midnight Hour (Softly Snoring)
So, how to write after midnight? There is that coffee-pot cascade that I was talking about earlier. But since too much of that stuff makes me sneeze out automobile parts, I’d rather sleep. The only way I can write after midnight is to let the pinball machine of my brain zing around the bumpers and ping-ping-ping the lights while I snooze. I really have found that if you nest on a writing problem in the sunlight hours, you’ll sometimes find a fresh egg of a writing solution in the morning. Of course, that doesn’t help when you need a gross of eggs to finish a book, but it might help you realize that your main character should be named Zeke and not Arbogast.

(Oh yeah, I do keep a notepad by my bed and indeed I have jumped up to madly scribble an idea a’borning. But so often when I’ve eagerly scanned it in the morning, I see that I’ve inscribed something like “Blizzard muffins not naysayers. Harken Wheaties. Bilge, breathless, truth.”)

Better wait for the sun to come up; at least I spell better in the mornings.

What is Spring Training?

It is the kind of training that transpires way before the beginning of the regular season. It could be put in simpler words to be understood by all which means the sort of training that precedes the regular flow of games of the season. This term is basically pertaining to the Major League Baseball, which is played every season. So, just before the seasonal start of the league there is a series of practices and exhibition of games which decides about the new players, other aspects like the audition for roster apart from yet another facet which is the position spot that helps in the final game decision making for the Major League Baseball.

As a matter of fact, the spring training has always been everyone’s hot favorite for the reason that it is played during that time of the year when most of the schools and colleges are shut owing to the spring break. This is yet another reason why so many millions get pooled in for watching their favorite teams playing the game of their choice during their spring break which makes their holidays even better than before. There are also those who shuttle all the way to the warmer places which generally host such spring training activities that interest them to an extent where in they all go in crowds to watch the same.
No wonder many, many a time call it the spring breaks instead of the Spring Training.

Two month affair

Talking about the spring training, it boils down to the fact that this sort of a pre-season training generally turns out to be a two month affair which means these games begin in the month of February and carry on until the beginning of the finals or the seasonal baseball league. Therefore there are many players who play the spring training games while the other start playing for the seasonal League by the end of the spring training affair. Teams often begin by wearing their battle practice uniform all through the spring training and wearing their normal jerseys on the first day of the final League. All these aspects play a vital role in their seasonal final League of Baseball for with the help and aid of the two months spring training, they generally do better in the finals.

Truly speaking, the whole fashion of the spring training began way back in the year 1920. So that means it has been on since the last nine decades if not more and that is why people who are heavily into the Baseball League just cant do without it at all. There were already many teams that had begun the aforementioned practice while the rest of them join hands in the year 1940. So by the end of the 50s, this had already become a religious affair for many who loved the bat and the ball game.

Florida and Arizona

It is true again that Florida and Arizona are the new hosts of the Major League baseball teams for Spring Training which wasn’t really the case until sometime back. For instance, the New York Yankees trained in the Cuban city in the year 1950 while during the World War II many teams trained in the city they had easy access to, which is why the official host of the spring training generally kept changing every now and then depending upon the requirement. It is also a fact that statistics recorded for the spring training games are never listed with the games of the regular season games which is also because of the reason that they are both separate affairs of the same game. Or, putting it in other words, the two sides of a coin!

It is always fun for millions to sit and watch their favorite teams play on the field.

Computer Schools

Being equipped with the latest software and hardware tools will brighten your chances of landing a plum job in the computer industry. Computer schools serve to provide education to people interested in computers. Therefore, investing in computer education has become necessary for people who want to work in the industry.

A computer professional holds an important position in the technological world. Your training at a reputable computer school will enable you to take up the challenging tasks which the computer industry has to offer.

Whether you earn your degree online or at a regular college, it is important that your computer school be accredited from an authentic body. Earning your degree from an accredited school will increase your chances of getting a good job. Moreover, employers are known to prefer hiring people from an accredited school, which makes it even more important to check out the credentials of the computer schools before you enroll.

To set up a regular computer school you require more than computer hardware and software. You should have a panel of experienced teachers who can guide the students and teach them the latest industry trends.

Regular discussions and workshops should be organized to let the students voice any doubts related to their field. Having some industry experts on board will go a long way toward establishing the reputation of the school.

Students who pursue the courses offered by computer schools find themselves better prepared to take advantage of opportunities they may find. This is important in our computer-driven world. You will realize how valuable your skills are, and you will take pride in the contribution you make towards your company.

Why is it Important to Learn Scales on Guitar?

There has been a lots of talk whether we, the guitar players, should learn scales or not. Guitarist society has divided into two groups – ones who are saying that learning scales is a waste of time and others who tend to overrate the scales impact on guitar playing.

although I am not a big fan of scales, it is important that every player learns them and here is why.

  1. Scales like chords and notes are a part of the music. I would be unwise to leave a part of the music world behind, while learning to play.
  2. The more scales you learn, the more music genres and styles you are able to perform. They open you a the wide world of music.
  3. Learning scales builds up your speed and precision, which are a vitally important features for a lead guitar players.
  4. Scales opens you up the magic world of improvisation. Many of the best players in the world writes songs jamming and improvising, the best even improvises on stage, playing solos that are written on the spot.

Of course. learning all of the scales takes a lot of time and patience, but once you have mastered them, there will be no need to go back and learn them again. And once you get into learning scales, you should go further and learn all scale positions on the neck, not just one one position, it that way, the learning should take a while longer, but the results will be worth it

So if you had any doubts about learning scales, don’t hesitate and start learning them right away.

New Requirements for A+ Certification

CompTIA’s A+ certification has long been recognized as the industry standard for vendor-neutral validation of entry-level computer hardware and software skills. As of July 2007, the certification examination requirements for A+ certification have been changed to reflect recent advances in technology and hiring practices.

Earning A+ certification still requires earning passing scores on two different exams. However, the content and structure of the required exams have changed.

Everyone will be required to successfully complete the A+ Essentials (#220-601) exam, covering both hardware and software. In addition to the A+ Essentials exam, A+ candidates will be able to choose their second exam from a pool of elective tests specific to particular specializations.

Elective Tests:

o 220-602 IT Technician

o 220-603 Remote Support Technician

o 220-604 Depot Technician

The new A+ certification exam emphasizes the combination of technical know-how and other issues necessary for success in the IT field. Because employers are seeking well-rounded and skilled workers for their entry-level IT field, the new A+ examinations were designed, with feedback from subject matter experts, to cover the complete skill sets needed by those seeking entry-level employment in information technology.

In addition to knowledge specific to hardware and operating systems, the new A+ certification exams also look for knowledge in areas necessary for one to be a well-rounded computer professional. For example, concepts related to environmental issues, professionalism, communication skills, safety, and security are now included in the exam.

When you are ready to take the new A+ exam, it is a good idea to use a practice test to help you determine if you would benefit from completing a certification preparation course. There are a number of excellent online, instructor-led, and video-based training programs that can help you polish your skills and knowledge.

When you are ready to take your exam, be sure to check around for the best deals on test vouchers and select a comfortable and convenient certification testing center that meets your needs.

How Mobile Apps Affect Education?

Nowadays, as per the ongoing current trend, mobile devices have emerged as an integral part of our daily life. With the introduction of every new technology, including computers and smart-phones, educators have been realizing and acknowledging its true importance and value. They are aptly perceived as productivity tools. As for the Smart-phones, there has been a drastic explosion which has extensively revolutionized the mobile media platform and changed the communication and innovative patterns. The mobile app development companies are in a boom for their services they have been successfully catering to a large audience.

It is not false to state that the first technology was developed specifically to meet the educational needs. The introduction of these high profile devices has already led to the integration of the books in the classroom with devices in hand. It stimulates the ‘Learning Study’ from vocabulary learning to literacy skills. There is a tremendous amount of apps which draw the child’s interest and at the same time facilitates innovative work and build on comprehensive knowledge. Besides this, considering its an indirect way of contributing, learning is likely to happen via games, quiz, videos, role playing app and much more. Thus, other than gaming and social networking, educational apps are the rising interest of the users. And there are studies and evidences to show that there is a significant learning from these well designed educational apps.

Computers, as we have been familiar with, is in use since ages as an innovative means of teaching and learning in the educational process. This has lead to the emergence of portable computing powers in the form of laptops, tablets and notebooks. As per the carried out researches, it was found out that younger children use smart-phones with the focus on iPhone and iTouch apps. Apple too has widely contributed through its iBook Textbook. This boosts literal skills, scientific inquiry and content development. Hence, learning becomes active and constructive. It has rightly been termed as ‘Learning with Technology’.

Applications, catering to all fields, helps in enhancing one’s sense of individualism, intellect and power, all in one’s palm. They have successfully created huge exposure to the various facets of consumers, especially youth. Learning with mobile apps has made this generation more interactive and spontaneous. To solve any doubts or queries, these devices have been extremely helpful to one and all. These apps are meant to guide the youth through the process of asking questions and learning in much the same way as a tutor would. It serves as the capacity to allow the user to analyze and have a thorough knowledge of a particular topic. This matter and video learning have engaged the children in improving communication, critical thinking, problem solving, technological and literary skills. This form of learning has created excitement for learning with an increased sense of self-confidence, pride in their abilities and hope for a spectacular future. Thus, this brings in a creative confidence in the youth.

Harmonizing with all the facts, it must be remembered that it is very essential to optimize the child’s time with mobile devices and other activities must not be ignored for as these are a mere supplemental tool. Children must be surrounded with high quality educational resources.

To sum it up, we can rightly say that technology enhanced learning has become a key part of learning and teaching in higher education and other aspects of gaining knowledge. The expanding app environment has made the users more responsive, more quickly.

ITTL Training Courses

The ITIL certification courses created from these best practices and are now available in most UK towns and cities.

Lincoln is a new location for ITIL courses. This location is in Lincoln. United Kingdom. Lincoln offers the v3 foundation ITIL course among other courses. In this course the student will learn about the basic elements of ITIL and learn about the different phases of the Service Management Life Cycle as defined in the ITIL courses. many people will benefit from having ITIL training in Lincoln

Another new location is for ITIL training in Northampton , United Kingdom. This is taught through EPL-UK Ltd, an accredited ATO based in Northampton. These ITIL training courses are designed to train students who want to pursue a career in IT Service Management.

You can now also complete ITIL training in Swindon, United Kingdom. The Swindon location offers all of the various courses in the series of ITIL courses. This includes the Foundation classes, the Intermediate classes, as well as the Expert courses and the Master classes. These ITIL classes are available for those who are looking to advance their career. By taking the training and passing the exams, you can become a professional in the IT Service Management industry.

For those in the IT Service Management industry, you will find that it is constantly changing. By becoming involved in the ITIL process, you can stay abreast with what is currently going on in the field. All of the instructors are accredited by the APMG. This means that you can be assured of getting excellent training when you enrol in any of the classes. There is a charge for each of these classes as well as specific requirements for each class. You can also get credit for each exam that is completed and passed. So contact the location of your choice and get ready to start your certification process.

Managing Type 2 Diabetes and College

Going to college? Have diabetes? That is a recipe in itself for the freshman fifteen. What is the freshman fifteen? This refers to extra weight that many students gain when they first enter college. Students deal with diabetes while doing all of the rest of the same things as other college students do; stressing out, over eating, staying up late to study and partying. Finally getting out of the parent’s home gives a young freshman the desire and power for freedom of choice. Sometimes this causes choices that are not wise for people who are diabetic. Many diabetic college students end up gaining the freshman fifteen due to lack of exercise, making unhealthy food choices and staying up late with not enough sleep. Lack of sleep can be caused by either studying or partying.

There are ways to avoid gaining the freshman fifteen and staying healthy throughout the college years. These will also better help the student to live a healthier lifestyle while attending college and thereafter.

Steps to avoiding the freshman fifteen:

  1. Get plenty of sleep. Getting enough sleep keeps your body stronger to maintain a healthy immune system and an alert mind for classes.
  2. Try to keep late night binge eating to a minimum. If you stay on a healthy diet for diabetes, rewarding yourself once a week to splurge is acceptable. This is as long as you continue to test your sugar levels on a regular basis to ensure your levels are not fluctuating.
  3. Exercise is the key to keeping fit and healthy even if it means using the stairs rather than elevators. Another choice can be walking around campus rather than driving to and from classes.
  4. Eating healthy choices at mealtimes and choosing fruits or vegetables for snacks will give the body fuel during the day. Limit the use of fast foods and comfort foods. These foods will make your diabetes less stable and cause weight gain
  5. Limit the amount of alcohol due to diabetes. Binge drinking is very dangerous when being treated with insulin or diabetic medications. Excessive beer can cause high heart rates and blood sugar levels to fluctuate severely. Sugar levels that fluctuate very high or extremely low can cause many medical complications to arise.
  6. Drink plenty of water as it helps stabilize many key body functions and keeps diabetes under more control. Water is a wonderful way to replace minor snack cravings because it can help you feel full and also helps to keep diabetes from spiking.

Keeping a close watch on what you eat, making sure you get enough sleep and providing ways to do some exercise will keep the freshman fifteen out of the way. This will help to have a healthy and happy future because the diabetes during college was kept under control through wise decision making. Always accept that there will be some fluctuating sugar levels. However, with careful planning and consideration, college life can be fun and full of wonderful memories. Diabetes is not a handicap or a disability; it’s a metabolic disease. This means that it is controllable and manageable with the proper care and decisions.

Coaching & Consulting – Implications for the Mental Health Profession

This is the final article of a five part series exploring unique and noteworthy trends in the mental health profession. The article discusses the rise of professional coaching/consulting and its overall impact in the world of behavioral health. The purpose for examining all of these trends is to note business opportunities and competitive influences within the marketplace.

The Rise of Professional Coaches & Consultants

In early 2007 I was speaking with a friend of mine who told me he attended a relationship workshop he found to be very informative and helpful for both he and his wife. Naturally, I assumed it was a psychologist, marriage and family therapist, professional counselor or clinical social worker facilitating the program. Since I was in the field and felt I had a good handle on the marketplace I assumed I would know the clinician. When I asked the person’s name I did not recognize it. I asked my friend if the person was a therapist and he nodded his head in acknowledgement. Since I did not know this person I looked her up and realized she was not a clinician but a relationship coach.

There are several points worth noting about this conversation with my friend. One is the fact that there are people in your community providing a variety of individual and group services who are not mental health professionals in the traditional sense. The second point is that many of the people offering these services are very good at what they do, the third is that they are business savvy, know how to market their services and how to speak to consumers, and finally there is the reality that most people outside of mental health are not aware of the distinction between a mental health clinician and a relationship coach. They see them as interchangeable, as one in the same. Let’s briefly take a look at these important points since they speak to a phenomenon that will have more and more of an effect on the mental health profession as a whole.

a. Coaches & Consultants

Coaching is growing at an international level and these professionals are involved in numerous areas that overlap with mental health services. Some of these areas include career counseling, relationship counseling, leadership counseling, life change consulting, business consulting and grief counseling. They have done an excellent job penetrating highly lucrative markets such as Fortune 500 companies, CEO level executives, Schools and high end communities. In the past there was a stigma associated with this profession, however, the stigma has lessened considerably and in many parts of the world it is virtually non-existent. In addition, many of these programs and service offerings are of very high quality. They are well researched, innovative and highly structured. I recently attended a workshop delivered by a life coach who worked with people going through significant life changes whether it be death of a loved one, life threatening illness, divorce, career change, unemployment or any number of other things. The program was well defined, unique and utilized both clinical and coaching principles. It was a very effective program!

b. Marketing & Sales Savvy

Adding to the dilemma for mental health practitioners is the fact that many coaches are experienced in all areas of business. They know how to uncover needs/opportunities and then design and market programs that will speak to potential consumers. In many ways they are ahead of the curve in terms of sales and marketing principles. They are also able to leverage technology to improve their reach and to expand their presence in the market. Another interesting aspect to life coaching is that they are very specific with regards to who their target audience is, and as a result, they craft their message accordingly. These are important lessons to be aware of as you move forward in your career. Being clear as to who you are offering services to will help you to use your time wisely when it comes to marketing and selling. The good news is that you can learn a lot researching some of these professionals and taking a look at what they do effectively and not so effectively. Some areas I recommend researching are how coaches uncover what the customer wants and how they sell and market those services. All of this should generate new and fresh ideas for you!

Want some good examples of what I am talking about when I refer to Life Coaches?

Take a look at Marie Forleo and her website: She is a well-known coach who has received much praise for her work. Take a moment to view the site and hear what she has to say on her audio clip. Once you read the upcoming chapters of this book you will notice that she has adopted many of the principles I propose you begin using as soon as possible! Also take note of what she proposes to offer people and how she goes about doing this. You may not agree with her proposal to “skyrocket your productivity” and/or “revitalize your relationships”, however, what you cannot argue is the fact that she has successfully hit upon the needs and wants of her specific target audience.

Another site that will give you an idea of the power and scope life coaches and consultants offer is This is a concept offered by marketing expert, Mark Joyner. He would not necessarily consider himself a life coach, however, his Simpleology program is based on scientific and behavioral research and is designed to help people manage and make sense of their hectic lives. It proposes to offer solutions that will increase your productivity and peace of mind. In addition, he leverages the power of the Internet to reach a broad audience by offering a sophisticated learning platform complete with free modules and software tools designed to help you prioritize and manage daily tasks and goals. His program should give mental health professionals a much better picture as to the kinds of programs and service offerings behavioral healthcare practitioners can develop and promote.

This article marks the end of my series on trends in the industry. Thank you for your interest! I hope this exercise gives you food for thought along with some new ideas for you to explore.

Copyright 2008 – David Diana.

Career Options For X-Ray Technicians

Qualifying as an X Ray technician can set you up for a great career as a medical assistant. The combination of working with patients, doctors and very sophisticated machines makes this career a real challenge. With great immediate employment prospects, now is a great time to start your career. With a great shortage of x ray operators and technicians you have a lot of career choices before you.

Qualifying a x-ray technician can take anything from 1 to 4 years of full time or part time study and depending on which qualification you get, you can work in a number of different fields. here are a few of the most popular career choices.

Firstly, a hospital is likely to be your first career option as they employ a great number of x ray technicians in various aspects of radiology. Although the pay is not as high as many other choices, its a very secure job and you can quickly gain a lot of valuable experience.

Secondly, joining a private practice can be a great career choice. Whether you work for a general practitioner or a radiologist, going into a private practice usually pays much better and the working conditions are a lot less stressful and “full-on” compared to a hospital.

The third popular career choice allows you to go into related fields where x ray technicians are needed. this includes veterinary practices, dentists and even research laboratories. It really depends on your interest and your level of experience but it can be a very rewarding career choice and specializing often opens up higher paying jobs.